About Guruji

gurujiGuruji is a ‘Householder Yogi’: a spiritual master who teaches Hatha Yoga for a living and has a family. He does not have an ashram, nor does he run a business or an organisation. He is an authorised master of Kriya Yoga in the direct lineage of the great Yogi Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, whose name became known worldwide through the publication of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Guruji’s students from around the world share remarkable stories of positive and profound change in their lives, having learned yoga from him.

Guruji migrated to Australia in December 2007 having been awarded the Distinguished Talent Visa for his status as spiritual master. He now lives and teaches at the Kashi Kriya Yoga Centre in Gisborne, Victoria.

Guruji travels abroad to India and Europe from time to time.

Yoga Class Times:

Monday 10.00-11.00
Thursday 10.00-11.00
Saturday 10.00-11.00


A Spiritual Journey

Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner

Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner

This compelling book intertwines the life stories of four advanced spiritual masters of Kriya Yoga with the experiences of a young woman traveller after she arrives in Varanasi, India, and decides to learn some yoga. As a complete beginner hoping to get into shape, Heidi Wyder does not realise that a life-changing spiritual journey is about to begin… For more information visit Kriya Source Publishing.