Information for Disciples

if you have been initiated in Kriya Yoga by Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas (Guruji) and have not been in touch for some time, please know that Guruji is always happy to hear from disciples. From time to time Guruji sometimes sends out messages to his disciples: if you are not receiving these and would like to be added to the disciple list, please write to newsletter(at) and give your full name and date of initiation. We look forward to hearing from you! There is also a blog about Guruji called The Buddha in the Garden”.

Since a number of Guruji’s disciples have requested for a more convenient way to make regular or one-off donations to Guruji himself for his time and guidance. We have created this paypal button to help with the donations.

Kashi Kriya Yoga Centre is neither an organisation, nor is it an ashram. We receive no external funding. It is always appreciated when Disciples consider Guruji’s time, and understand that considerable expenses are involved in running the yoga centre. Donations are a practical way of giving, and they support Guruji’s important work in this world. The spirit in which donations are given is also important and meaningful, hence the explanation of the Indian tradition below:

Guru Dakshina/Sewa Guru Dakshina/Sewa means an offering, or a gift to the Guru. Sewa means ‘service’. From ancient times, it has always been understood as an essential part of the spiritual path for disciples to serve their Guru in some way. In ashrams, people work as a community, serving their Guru. This is because without ‘surrender’ (as meant in the entirely positive, self-enriching sense), progress on the spiritual path is very difficult. Therefore the physical expression is also important. When a Disciple gives Guru Dakshina, they are expressing their gratitude and love for what they have received on the spiritual path. It is an appreciation of the spiritual guidance which is always at hand. There is also an understanding that if we take and do not give in return, we may lose what we were given in the first place, having attached no value to it. Guru Dakshina/Sewa is always given with joy, and the act of giving invites grace. Spiritual teachings are given freely, for wisdom is priceless. However, it is up to students to give a monetary donation to their Guru for their time and availability, and for their guidance. A Disciple arrives at an amount voluntarily, according to personal circumstances.

Yoga Class Times:

Monday 10.00-11.00
Thursday 10.00-11.00
Saturday 10.00-11.00

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